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Finally a way to increase my site revenues...

Copy, Paste, Profit

Now you can have the ease of AdSense with the income of a superaffiliate!

Cut Out The Middle Man (Google) And
Turbo Charge Your Revenues...

Give yourself the raise that you deserve...

Dear Webmaster:

If you have a website and are interested in increasing your revenues by up to 1000% in the next 24 hours, then this is the most important letter you will ever read...

There are two conditions that must be met in order for you to benefit from the ad block generator. First you must have a website!

If you have a website and are generating revenue with adsense or are not monetizing your site in any way then you definitely qualify.

Let me tell you why...

Adsense simply sucks... I know, there are people out there that will argue that but lets point out some universal truths!

Adsense only gives you pennies on your clicks. When you are only starting with pennies, pennies just ad up to more pennies. What we all want is dollars!

... Google makes all the money!

I figured out how to put my own ads on my sites and get 70, 90 or more dollars per click!

Here is the story...

You see, large companies and site owners that have products and services to sell offer up pennies per click to hijack the visitors to your site that you have spent hours and hours optimizing and promoting... in fact it is this very hard work that makes your site an attractive advertising partner.

There is only one problem...

When you get pennies on those clicks, they turn around and make large profits selling their products and services to them, leaving you out in the cold.

Stop giving your hard earned money to 'G' and shift your strategy. It is MUCH easier to make significant money by displaying ad blocks on your site where you do not earn per click, but rather earn up to 75% per sale.

Here are the numbers...

Let's say you get 100 clicks and the offer you are promoting converts at 2%, at 50% commission of a typical $97 product. You would earn $48.50 per sale, or 97.00 for your 100 clicks. That is quadruple what you would earn from search giant 'G' for the very same clicks.

You have two choices...

Continue to accept pennies on your clicks with the traditional advertising channels, or start making dollars by going direct to the merchants and site owners who have the products and services to sell.

By using my software you can:

Earn as much as 75% commission (you pick your products).

Get paid up to 1000% more than you are getting paid right now.

Use images on all your ad blocks - greatly increase your click through rate (CTR) and your online income.

Have 100% control over the ad content.

Select the images and placement of your ad blocks.

Brand your domain by displaying ads from your money site across your network of sites.

Never have to worry about "Big Brother", or anyone for that matter, turning off your ads.

Google has a lot of restrictions and for any whim or fancy cant turn off your ads - directly affecting the income you use to feed your family.

With ad blocks you will NEVER have your income turned off!

Track every visitor from view to click to purchase - so you can determine which ad blocks are working the best.

Encrypt all links so affiliate URLs can not be altered by unscrupulous buyers - keep all of your sales.

Link to Ad Block Generator Software solution in your ad display (is optional) and start earning 50% commission on each and every sale.

If you are anything like me... you were sick and tired of being cut out of all the direct commissions that Pay Per Click Marketers were enjoying. You see, awhile back Google separated the content network as a separate advertising channel. Now site owners could drop the amount paid per click on the content network down to basement prices.

Ultimately website owners that were enjoying a healthy income from their advertising took a huge hit...

In fact many site owners just walked away from their internet properties and let the domains expire.

Introducing the Widget Ad Generator:

A clever software package that gives you 100% control over the content of the ads on your site.

With this software you have:

Complete control over the affiliate URL it links to and the image that displays.

Automatic Ad Rotation on all of your sites for any affiliate product you wish to promote.

The option to run a static add for a specific product.

Full access to post ad blocks on each and every domain you own.

eBay Auction Ad Blocks bonus software at no extra charge ($47 Value)
See below!

Example Uses of the Widget Ad Generator software!

Display ads from ANY Affiliate Network:

Example Rotating Ad:
(Refresh page to see ads rotate)

The Examples above, and to the right, are all Click Bank items, but you are NOT limited to only Click Bank. You can build ads for ANY affiliate product you wish to sell. You can even builds for the big affiliate networks like, Commission Junction and LinkShare. You can also build ads for CPA networks like Modern Click, CPA Empire and Azoogle. If you are selling other peoples products online, then you can use Widget Ad Generator to track views, clicks and SALES!

Example Static Ad:   

NOTE: You have complete control over colors and display!

Display Static or Rotating Banner Ads:

The Widget Ad Generator software can deliver your banner ads and fully track the views and clicks. You can display one banner, or you can rotate as many as you wish.

The banner ad is the most widely used website advertising method and the Widget Ad Generator software supports banners of any size.

Rotating Banner Ad

Display Static or Rotating MLM Ads:

You can even use Widget Ad Generator for the sales of Network Marketing (MLM) products!

As you can see, you have complete control over the colors, text and format of your ads, AND, your ads can display an image of the product offered or an attention getting graphic.

Statistics have proven that image ads pull a significantly higher click-thru rate than simple text ads!

You can choose to display the Widget Ad Generator link under your ad and earn commissions from us, or you can turn that option off. It is Your choice. We will respect you know matter what you choose!

Display Static or Rotating Adsense 'like' Ads:

The Widget Ad Generator is PHP software that you run from on your website. All of YOUR ads will be displayed and delivered from your domain name, branding your site only!

Click here to see software in action:

Website Requirements:
• Unix / Linux Server (Not tested on Windows)
• MySQL  version 4.1.2 or higher
• PHP 4.0.2 or higher

Order your Widget Ad Generator for only:
(One-Time Payment)
Regular Price: $97.00


Monitize Your Website with
eBay® Auction Ads

Buy Today and get the Auction Ad Blocks software included with the Widget Ad Generator. The Auction Ad Blocks software allows you to display LIVE eBay auction items on your website. You simply enter a Keyword, or Category ID, specify the ad display colors, and then copy the ad code to your website. This is VERY powerful software.

Yes, you have complete control over border and text colors, as well as link colors, with the Auction Ad Blocks software.

The Auction Ad Blocks software sells for $47, but is FREE today with the purchase of the Widget Ad Generator software. This promotional offer will not last long.

Want to see how to turn your website into an eBay store? Yes, Auction Ad Blocks can make your site look like a store for virtually any product or product category.

To create an online store, simply produce listings like this:
Dodge Charger
Apple iPod

As you can see there are many uses of the Auction Ad Blocks software, I have only scratched the surface with the examples shown above.


Login Master

Do you frequently get locked out of online systems because you can not remember your password, or username password combo? I know I did .. until I developed the Login Master. I use this software 'everyday' for single click login to virtually any system I belong to. A HUGE time saver and an awesome organizer of all the 'paid' and free online systems I subscribe to. The Login Master is a MUST for all serious online marketers!.

Introducing: Login Master

Benefits of Login Master:

  Store Login details for all of your membership sites.

  Track login dates and total number of logins. Finally know which sites you are using ... and
which you are NOT!

  Track how much you are spending each month, and annually, for all of your subscription sites.

  Give you single Click Login to all of your
membership sites!

  Login Master will cost you nothing ... it is included with Widget Ad Generator!


A Free Account at ValueReply.Com

Valuereply.Com is not your typical autoresponder service. It contains advanced features that online marketers need to be successful.


Link Cloaker Software

The Link Cloaker software makes it easy to hide those long affiliate URL's with a short URL from your own domain! You can create an unlimited number of tracked URL's and the Link Cloaker will keep track of the total number of clicks each link generates. You can rest the count value and edit the destination URL as often as you wish.


404 Error Software

All sites have issues with pages not being found or a site visitor typing a URL that does not exist. The worst thing your site can do is deliver a browser configured error page. This does nothing but drive people away from your site.

This 404 Error system will direct site visitors to a special page that tells them the page is missing and displays an ad you have configured in your Widget Ad Generator software ... Plus, the 404 system will send you an email notifying you of the error. Yes, the email notification can be turned off very easily.

Order your Widget Ad Generator for only:
(One-Time Payment)
Regular Price: $97.00

PLUS ... Get all these for Free:
  1. eBay Auction Ads
  2. Login Master
  3. ValueReply.Com Account
  4. Cloak Link Software
  5. 404 Error Software
... all are installed automatically when
you install Widget Ad Generator!

What are our customer saying?

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We had sales at Click Bank the same day we put the first ad block on our site.

Ads with images just work better than typical Adsense type ads. People are tired of those ads and your software gives them something different.

We love it!

Karen Johnson

Ken Allan Being quite new to installing and using software I was a little apprehensive about purchasing widget ad generator. However it turned out to be a very straight forward installation and the software itself is a doddle to use. I'm very impressed considering how little it cost me and I'm looking forward to trying out various Ad displays as I become more confident with the software.

Many thanks,

Ken Allan

Adrian Bold With my Affiliates World site aimed at being a free resource for affiliate marketers, I have to be careful what I use and recommend to others.

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Widget Ad Generator for Affiliates as it gives them what they need to have successful campaigns on their sites - ease of use, statistics and great support.

Thanks for producing a really cool product!

Adrian Bold

steve sims Widget Ad Generator is a product you do not want to be without. It was very easy to install.

After installing Widget Ad Generator on my traffic increased from 7929 hits per month to over 18800 a month.

Widget Ad Generator not only brought vastly increased website traffic, it gave me the added bonus of increasing my eBay commisions by allowing me to display additional eBay auction ads on my auction websites.

steve sims

Thank you so much Todd. Everything seems to be fine and I see all of the new features.

I created an ad and everything went fine. I love the fact that you can create different campaigns for different niches.

Thanks again for creating such a great product!!

With gratitude,
Ruth Brown

Widget Ad Generator rotation capability helps dramatically in determining which of my ads are most popular and does not limit me to only a few select ads.

With Auction Ad Blocks I can also have eBay's up to date Auctions of interest showing and the Search option is a fantastic addition. This product is amazing.
Michael Nelson

Lee Asher Hi Todd and a very good day to you.

My name is Lee Asher from Brisbane, Australia and I am an extremely happy, recent new customer.

I purchased your amazing Widget Ad package about a week ago and was immediately blown away with its ease of installation and almost staggering performance.

Just thought I would drop you a quick email and say hi from down under in OZ.

I really do appreciate great programming skills, they are an absolute joy to work with Todd.


Lee Asher

If you are really serious about making money online, Widget AD Generator is the perfect tool for your online success. Besides they are so confident they even offer you a full refund.Unless you try this amazing software you have NO WAY of understanding WHY they offer you a full refund!


Once I saw the widget ad generator, I knew this was the program that I have been looking for, this is really a great program.

Joe Wright

Martin Aranovitch Todd,

Widget Ad Generator is a terrific piece of software! It is exactly what I was looking for to rotate affiliate ads throughout my network of web sites and blogs.

I emailed you a question before buying and received a same-day reply from you - that impressed me!

I am also impressed with how easy the software is to install and use. I purchased Widget Ad Generator yesterday and already have over 40 ads showing in various sites.

I really like the flexibility of the ad layouts and the fact that we can finetune the size of the ads even further before publishing. Duplicating ads for new campaigns is a breeze and I especially like the bonus eBay ads you've included in the package.

Best of all, I like being able to add the script to the site and then control everything from one location - track impressions and clicks, add new ads, change the ad text and display settings, etc ...

Widget Ad Generator is a winner and I wish you great success with it!

Martin Aranovitch

Larry Jordan Widget Ad Generator is such a great tool! I can place ads on my pages and get 100% of the profit instead of getting a few cents from Google. Plus, if I want to, I can put affiliate links and eBay link ads on my pages and rotate those ads for even more exposure. What a great idea!

Larry Jordan

Bryn Towns Very easy to install and use. The only limits to the use of this tool are those imposed by a poor imagination! Bryn Towns

Order your Widget Ad Generator for only:
(One-Time Payment)
Regular Price: $97.00

Todd Thompson CEO Royal Responder, Inc.

Those of you that have longed for the early days of AdSense over the last few years take heart, you can now turn back the clock and with a few simple keystrokes re-start your contextual advertising empire....

Thank You!

Todd N. Thompson
CEO Widget Ad Generator
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